The King Of Punk Rock

In the early 70s, bubble-gum a complete crown the empire tour and dates rock was out the door coming. Different types of music were beginning to blossom; fusion, funk, hard rock, not to mention punk rock. While rock music had consistently signified rebellious human experience, punk rock broke it and took that form. Punk might very well be characterized as the "most deviant section of the human spirit" expressed as music.


Punk was the first style of music put it into music and to take raw, angry, atom bomb feelings while insurrection isn't a new theory. Groups like Iggy Pop and the Stooges, in the early and mid 1970's, The New York Dolls, and The Ramones set the anti- organization mantra to get a generation of adolescents. As a matter-of-fact, they didn't seek media attention, the media sought them. A major theme in punk music is anarchy or rebellion against something that seeks force people to behave instead of thinking for yourself and to clamp-down.

While the tune content was taking on that rise against tour schedule, and is still dynamic, the music is fast, loud, unrefined, and inyourface. Guitars squeal, drummers kick their drums over in fits of fury, along with the bass holds it all-together. In the late seventies and early 1980's, groups like the Dead Kennedys, The Clash, Minor Risk, The Damned, along with the Sex Pistols pushed the envelope that a stamp was licked and sent without by their predecessors. Song names like "Too Drunk to Fuck", "Bodies", and 'New Rose" dealt with the rawest side of human malfeasance. He claimed that his prosecutors were attempting to squelch free speech and intimidate musicians.

This contains, and still included, rebellion against authority, course or caste, religious hatred, pre-tension, snobbery in general, or whatever else that imposed too much dogma on humankind. How do you beat on these idiotic notions? By appealing to the simplest part of their self interests as well as human beings. A furious song makes them believe and stirs folks up, but it must shock your conscience. While he sang Iggy Pop smeared peanut butter on himself. Sid Vicious bled all over and cut himself during one show.

In the long run, while punk rock is not liked by some individuals, it's the freest form of musical expression on planet earth and we owe some of our civil liberties to these bands for shoving political fools back into their cellars. Fortunately, we now have punk now like Rancid, The Meat Puppets and Green Day-To help keep the spirit of punk alive and well. You'll be thanked for your own freedom of expression, in the event you would like to stand-up and salute a punk-rocker, only extend your middle finger in the next punk concert you attend.

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