Green Day - The Short Story

It is for the first time ever since these were were created, they are releasing three records in precisely the same year. The band initially had three members when it had been created in 1987. Billie Joe Armstrong as lead singer cum guitarist, Mike Dirnt as bass player and backing singer, and Steve Kiffmeyer (Al Sobrante) as the percussionist. Tre Cool in 1990 changed Ing Sobrante ahead of the launch of the 2nd album 'Kerplunk'. Livermore offered this high school group a record deal in 1989.

'Insomniac' and 'Nimrod' reached double-platinum status in the songs charts. In 2004 they released the album 'American Fool'. A pastime for Eco-Friendly Evening has efficiently captivated among the younger pop punk generation of the age. Their eighth album premiered last year '21st Century Breakdown'.

'Dookie' was nominated in eight classes of American Music Awards. It won the award to find the best Alternative Album. Three records which followed were 'Insomniac', 'Nimrod', and 'Caution'. Insomniac had some melodious tunes having a darker touch. 'Nimrod' introduced in 1996 had some experimental tunes like 'Good Riddance' as well as 'Redundant'. These songs were somewhat different from the actual pop punk style .

Their first EP was released in 1989 which was named "1000 Hours" as well as their first complete album was released in 1990 called "3 9/Smooth". The success of the very first record enabled them to create a second one entitled "Ker Plunk". When, their current drummer, Tre Cool was introduced this was. By promoting more than 2 million records worldwide, this record became a great success. After their second album the group switched to a new record company for making rock-music that was better. Their first record below the label of Records was released in 1994. This record called 'Dookie' was developed simply in three months. But it provided a platform for the band and became a major hit.

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